Wholesale Ink Refill Kits Black and Colour Box of 10




Buy Wholesale Ink Refill Kits Black and Colour for your Retail Business

Are you looking for new stock for your shop? Check out our new wholesale and bulk range packages Box of 10 x Black and Colour Ink Refill Kits

Our new retail box package of ink refill kits is a perfect choice for retail shops and distributors. If you are looking for a product that will help reduce customer printing costs and also help towards reducing waste in landfill.

Choosing to sell our GO Inkjet brand of refill kits, will give you the opportunity to help save your customers on average £100 compared to buying new ink cartridges. Our printer cartridge refill kits can be used with HP, Canon printers along with other main brands of inkjet printer.

Whether you are buying in bulk for your retail shop, home business or looking to sell ink refill kits, then our new retail boxes of Black & Colour ink refill kits are a great choice for your customers. We are one of the best Wholesale ink supplies in the UK when it comes to service, quality and price.

Whats included with the Wholesale Box Packages for Retail shops?

10 x Black & Colour Ink Refill Kits – Part Number – (GO-CMYK)

1 x Premium Quality A4 Display Stand

2 x Advertising Flyers for the Stand / Shop Window

RRP – £14.95 approx 35% Profit on this bundle of 10 – Get More discount on our higher qty bundles.

We will have other POS material available in the coming weeks. If there is anything you would need urgently, please feel free to contact us.

What retail shops would benefit from stocking the GO Inkjet range?

Stationery supplies shop, Computer supplies Shops, Discount Supplies Store, Bargain Supplies Store, Local Convenience Shop, Phone & Vape Supplies Shops to name a few.

If you know of a business you deal with that could benefit from our range, please feel free to contact us.

Benefits of buying GO Inkjet Ink Refill Kits

  • UK Brand – Made in the UK
  • Made with High Quality Premium Inks
  • Save your customers £££ on their print costs
  • Easy to Use
  • Instructions available on our online Tech Help page
  • Buying from a UK customer service brand

Additional information

Weight 3 kg


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