Ink Refill Kits

GO Inkjet Ink Refill Kits – Save you Money

Ink cartridge refill kits are a great solution to saving money if you are using an inkjet printer. Simply refill your existing empty printer cartridge and install back into your printer.

A typical replacement cartridge will cost anywhere between £8 and £20 for a compatible version and even more for the OEM branded ink. Using a printer inkjet cartridge refill kit will maximise your savings to keep to a very tight printing budget.

Printer cartridges are refilled by injecting ink into the existing cartridge which is absorbed by an internal sponges. Some printers will just have a chamber to hold the ink without a sponge.

It is also userfull to know, some inkjet cartridges may require a chip resetter to reprogram the chip to reset the ink level. If you are ever unsure please feel free to ask.

Most cartridges do have the option to disable the ink level on the printer so you can keep printing, therefore you will not need a chip resetter.

Advantages to refilling Printer Cartridges

Printer ink refill kits replenish the ink in your empty cartridge, making a great way to save money. You will also be saving the environment from used cartridges being thrown away in landfill sites. Along with these advantages you will be able to quickly and easily refill your ink cartridges. It is also more cost effective to refill a cartridge that has a print head attached to it, as these tend to cost more to manufacture in turn making them cost more to buy a new one.

See our ink refill kit instructions for your cartridge model for further information on what is involved with refilling.