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HP 57 Ink

Buy a GO Inkjet remanufactured colour HP 57 ink cartridge as a suitable replacement for the OEM original printer ink. All of our GO Inkjet cartridges are suitable for use in the HP printers listed below. The good thing about compatible HP inks is that they are remanufactured so the original HP cartridge has been recycled back into the system, saving landfill, money and environmental impact. They will also not affect your printer warranty.

Cartridge Type:? HP compatible Ink
Printer Brand Compatibility: HP Printers
Brand: GO Inkjet
OEM Equivalent Code: HP57, HP 57, 57 Colour
Ink Cartridge Capacity: 3 x 8ml
Ink Colour: Colour Ink

GO Inkjet 57 ink cartridges are suitable for the following:

HP Deskjet 450cbi ink, HP Deskjet 450ci ink, HP Deskjet 450wbt ink, HP Deskjet 5145 ink, HP Deskjet 5150 ink, HP Deskjet 5151 ink, HP Deskjet 5160 ink, HP Deskjet 5168 ink, HP Deskjet 5500 ink, HP Deskjet 5550 ink, HP Deskjet 5552 ink, HP Deskjet 5600 ink, HP Deskjet 5650 ink, HP Deskjet 5650v ink, HP Deskjet 5650w ink, HP Deskjet 5652 ink, HP Deskjet 5655 ink, HP Deskjet 5850 ink, HP Deskjet 9600 ink, HP Deskjet 9650 ink, HP Deskjet 9670 ink, HP Deskjet F4180 ink.

HP Digital Copier 410 ink.

HP Officejet 2110 ink, HP Officejet 4110 ink, HP Officejet 4200 ink, HP Officejet 4212 ink, HP Officejet 4215 ink, HP Officejet 4219 ink, HP Officejet 4252 ink, HP Officejet 4255 ink, HP Officejet 5160 ink, HP Officejet 5500 ink, HP Officejet 5505 ink, HP Officejet 5510 ink, HP Officejet 6100 ink, HP Officejet 6110 ink, HP Officejet 6127 ink, HP Officejet 6150 ink.

HP Photosmart 100 ink, HP Photosmart 130 ink, HP Photosmart 140 ink, HP Photosmart 145 ink, HP Photosmart 148 ink, HP Photosmart 230 ink, HP Photosmart 230v ink, HP Photosmart 240 ink, HP Photosmart 2410 ink, HP Photosmart 245 ink, HP Photosmart 245v ink, HP Photosmart 245xi ink, HP Photosmart 7150 ink, HP Photosmart 7150w ink, HP Photosmart 7155 ink, HP Photosmart 7200 ink, HP Photosmart 7260 ink, HP Photosmart 7268 ink, HP Photosmart 7350 ink, HP Photosmart 7350v ink, HP Photosmart 7400 ink, HP Photosmart 7450 ink, HP Photosmart 7530 ink, HP Photosmart 7550 ink, HP Photosmart 7600 ink, HP Photosmart 7660 ink, HP Photosmart 7700 ink, HP Photosmart 7760 ink, HP Photosmart 7760v ink, HP Photosmart 7762 ink, HP Photosmart 7960 ink, HP Photosmart 7960w ink.

HP PSC 1100 ink, HP PSC 1110 ink, HP PSC 1200 ink, HP PSC 1205 ink, HP PSC 1209 ink, HP PSC 1210 ink, HP PSC 1210A2L ink, HP PSC 1210V ink, HP PSC 1210xi ink, HP PSC 1215 ink, HP PSC 1216 ink, HP PSC 1219 ink, HP PSC 1300 ink, HP PSC 1310 ink, HP PSC 1312 ink, HP PSC 1315 ink, HP PSC 1315s ink, HP PSC 1317 ink, HP PSC 1350 ink, HP PSC 1350xi ink, HP PSC 1355 ink, HP PSC 2100 ink, HP PSC 2105 ink, HP PSC 2110 ink, HP PSC 2115 ink, HP PSC 2150 ink, HP PSC 2170 ink, HP PSC 2175 ink, HP PSC 2179 ink, HP PSC 2210 ink, HP PSC 2210v ink, HP PSC 2410 ink, HP PSC 2420 ink, HP PSC 2450 ink, HP PSC 2500 ink, HP PSC 2510 ink.

What is a Remanufactured HP Ink Cartridge?

All our re-manufactured HP printer inks start life off as the original OEM cartridge. Once the ink in the cartridge has been used the cartridge will then be recycled using several internal and external cleaning techniques and electrical tests. After this process, a high quality compatible ink suitable for use in the 57?inkjet?cartridges is used to fill the cartridge. The cartridge is then tested to ensure the print heads perform and work correctly prior to repackaging and sale.

We like to be clear on what the meaning of re-manufactured ink cartridges are. Please note these cartridges are not simply just refilled they have been cleaned and tested so please keep this in mind should you see an alternative HP 57 ink cartridge for sale elsewhere.

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