Compatible HP 300XL Black Ink Cartridge


GO Inkjet HP 300XL Black Ink Cartridge



Cartridge Type:? HP compatible Ink
Printer Brand Compatibility: HP Printers
Brand: GO Inkjet
OEM Equivalent Code: HP300XL, HP 300XL, 300XL Black
Ink Cartridge Capacity: 18ml
Ink Colour: Black Ink

GO Inkjet 300XL ink cartridges are suitable for the following:

HP Deskjet D1600 Ink, HP Deskjet D1660 Ink, HP Deskjet D1663 Ink, HP Deskjet D2500 Ink, HP Deskjet D2560 Ink, HP Deskjet D2563 Ink, HP Deskjet D2660 Ink, HP Deskjet D5560 Ink, HP Deskjet F2400 Ink, HP Deskjet F2420 Ink, HP Deskjet F2480 Ink, HP Deskjet F2488 Ink, HP Deskjet F2492 Ink, HP Deskjet F4210 Ink, HP Deskjet F4213 Ink, HP Deskjet F4240 Ink, HP Deskjet F4272 Ink, HP Deskjet F4275 Ink, HP Deskjet F4280 Ink, HP Deskjet F4283 Ink, HP Deskjet F4288 Ink, HP Deskjet F4500 Ink, HP Deskjet F4580 Ink, HP Deskjet F4583 Ink.

HP Photosmart C4610 Ink, HP Photosmart C4640 Ink, HP Photosmart C4650 Ink, HP Photosmart C4670 Ink, HP Photosmart C4680 Ink, HP Photosmart C4683 Ink, HP Photosmart C4685 Ink, HP Photosmart C4688 Ink, HP Photosmart C4740 Ink, HP Photosmart C4780 Ink, HP Photosmart C4783 Ink, HP Photosmart C4788 Ink, HP Photosmart C4795 Ink, HP Photosmart C4798 Ink, HP Photosmart Envy 100 Ink, HP Photosmart Envy 110 Ink.

What is a Remanufactured HP Ink Cartridge?

All our re-manufactured HP printer inks start life off as the original OEM cartridge. Once the ink in the cartridge has been used the cartridge will then be recycled using several internal and external cleaning techniques and electrical tests. After this process, a high quality compatible ink suitable for use in the 300XL?inkjet?cartridges is used to fill the cartridge. The cartridge is then tested to ensure the print heads perform and work correctly prior to repackaging and sale.

We like to be clear on what the meaning of re-manufactured ink cartridges are. Please note these cartridges are not simply just refilled they have been cleaned and tested so please keep this in mind should you see an alternative HP 300XL ink cartridge for sale elsewhere.

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 20 × 11 × 4 cm


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