Canon Printer Ink Refill Kit



Save Money Refilling Canon Printer Ink

Canon Printer Ink Refill Kits will save you money compared to buying the expensive OEM replacement cartridges.

It’s costly when you need to buy new printer inks for your Canon printer. Each cartridge can cost anything from £15 upwards making it a big strain on your budget, especially if you are printing regularly.

Refill Canon Inkjet Cartridges

Canon cartridges can be refilled buy injecting ink into the tops of the cartridges, just like topping up a tank. Internal sponges will hold the ink inside the cartridge in most models. Some older Canon printer cartridges may require a chip resetter to reprogram the chip to reset the ink level. Most current cartridges have the option to disable the ink level so you can keep printing till your hearts content.

Advantages to refilling Canon Cartridges

Using Canon printer ink refill kits to replenish the ink in your empty cartridge is a great way to save money on your printing costs as we have mentioned. Not only will it help keep money in your pocket, you will also be saving the environment from empty cartridges being thrown away in landfill sites.

What is inside the Cartridge Refill Kits

We have several options of ink refill kits all suitable for the Canon inkjet printers. You can choose from the following part codes the most suitable for your refill needs:

GO-BIR – 3 x bottles of black dye ink, 1 x bottle of print head cleaner, tools & accessories

GO-BIR4 – 4 x bottles of black dye ink, tools and accessories

GO-CIR – 1 x cyan, magenta, yellow bottle of dye ink, 1 x print head cleaner, tools & accessories

GO-CMYK – 1 x cyan, 1 x magenta, 1 x yellow, 1 x black dye ink, tools & accessories.

Which Canon Printer Cartridges can be refilled?

You will be able to refill a range of Canon inkjet cartridges such as the MP, Pixma ranges to name a few. If you are unsure if you can refill your cartridges, please feel free to contact us.

See our ink refill kit instructions for your Canon printer cartridge model for further information.