Ink Refill Instructions for HP Ink Cartridges

Refill your HP printer inks using the instructions below

Please take a look at the cartridge models below to find your suitable instructions. Each link will take you to the relevant instruction page for your cartridge.

HP 300 & HP 300XL Black
HP 300 & HP 300XL Colour
HP 301 & HP 301XL Black
HP 301 & HP 301XL Colour
HP 302 & HP 302XL Black and Colour
HP 303 & HP 303XL Black and Colour (coming soon)
HP 304 & HP 304XL Black and Colour
HP 305 & HP 305XL Black and Colour (coming soon)
HP 336 Black
HP 337 Black
HP 338 Black
HP 364 Black and Colour
HP 901 Black and Colour