Refilling ink cartridges

When it comes to the choice between buying a new ink cartridge or refilling your existing cartridge, there are several questions you may be asking yourself. One of the main reasons to choose if you should really need to refill your ink cartridge using an ink refill kit.

Do I really need to buy a new cartridge?

What is involved in refilling?

Is it too messy to refill my ink cartridge?

Refilling Questions Answered

Point 1 “Do I really need to buy a new cartridge”.

Well simply speaking no. You don’t need to buy one its all down to choice and your personal finances at the end of the day. If you are willing to spend a little time researching on how to refill your printer cartridges then the long term financial benefits are good.

We know how costly buying some new printer ink can be. If you look at the HP and Canon ink cartridges for example, these are quite costly when buying new. One of the reasons is mainly down to the structure of the cartridge itself. Most HP Cartridges are manufactured with the print head attached to the cartridge rather than the print head being fixed to the internal of the inkjet printer. Using a HP ink cartridge refill kit will certainly help in this case and ultimately lower costs . The manufacturing process of print heads on cartridges is indeed more costly than simply supplying a tank of ink such as Epson and Brother printers.

Refilling an existing cartridge with the print head on, will be the better option to purchasing a new cartridge, if you are looking to keep your printing costs as low as possible.

HP Ink Cartridge Print Head

If you are printing on a regular basis then using these types of cartridges will no doubt start to bite into your bank account. So if you are wondering what you can do to save money when printing with your inkjet printer, what can you possibly do. On this occasion we would say quite simply to refill the cartridge is the way forward.

Point 2 “What is involved in refilling”

Refilling ink cartridges is a process where you make an access point to the ink chamber by using a small drill (or in most cartridges holes exist already under a label). When the ink chambers are accessible, you use a refill kit to withdraw ink from bottles and then inject into the cartridge chamber. Once completed you can reseal the label or use plugs, dependant upon ink cartridge model.

Point 3 “Is it too messy to refill my ink cartridge”

As with anything involving a liquid, there is always going to be a risk of spillage. Using common sense and a good area to refill your ink cartridges is always advised combined with protective vinyl gloves. The last thing you want to be doing is refilling a cartridge with your best shirt and trousers “Just in case”. Taking time and reading the instructions carefully will reduce the risk of any spillages and over filling of your ink cartridge.

What is an ink refill kit?

Putting it simply all that an ink cartridge refill kit is a nice little supply of ink in pre filled bottles. This will give you the ability to replenish the ink in your empty ink cartridge using the refilling technique involving injecting the ink into the cartridge.

Canon ink cartridge refill instructions

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