Refilling HP Ink Cartridges

Refilling HP ink cartridges an alternative to buying new inks

If you are using a HP inkjet printer, there will be no doubt you know the costs involved when purchasing a new ink cartridge. Buying a branded OEM HP ink for your printer will typically set you back anything from £15 upwards for a typical size cartridge.

So you may be wondering…. yes I know how much these cartridges cost but what can I do about it to save money? Well, there is an alternative, which is refilling your existing HP ink cartridge with refill bottles of ink.

What HP Ink Cartridges can be refilled with the refill kits

How do Ink Cartridge Refill Kits Work?

If you are using the GO Inkjet refill kit for your HP cartridge, the process is very simple. You will need to peel the label off the top of the cartridge, this will then reveal several holes. Each hole relates to certain chambers in the cartridge. If you are refilling a black HP ink cartridge then you will usually just fill one of the holes and refit the label. On a colour HP cartridge, the holes are relevant to the 3 colours (cyan, magenta and yellow). So one hole you would refill yellow, another hole with cyan and the remaining hole with magenta for example. Don’t worry if you don’t know which hole is for which colour, we have the refill instructions available on our Technical Help section.

Now I’ve Refilled my HP Cartridge then what?

After refilling it is advised to leave the cartridge for a good few hours to let any excess ink run clear from the cartridge (using a suitable area to leave whilst doing so). After the time has elapsed, give the print head a quick wipe with a lint free cloth and then reinsert into your printer. Perform a print head clean and carry on printing. You will most likely get a warning to let you know the cartridge is empty, this is just the chip program and will not actually be empty of course as you have just refilled it.

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