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494 in stock


What is in the Inkjet Head Cleaner Kit?

You will receive the following inside each of the kits:

4 x 28ml cleaning solution.

You can purchase optional extras if needed for your specific printer such as tubes and syringes.

Unblock inkjet print heads with our kits

Over time you may experience poor printing with your inkjet printer, faint printing, lines and even no printing on the page at all. All these are typical signs of a blocked print head.

You can of course use your print head cleaning function on your printer if you wish but this may not always cure the problem depending how severe the print head is blocked. Using our cleaning solution on the print head will dissolve any dried ink and enable the ink in the cartridge to flow through the print head holes.

How to unblock the print heads?

Depending on the printer cartridge there are a couple of ways to perform a clean using the solution in the kits.

Cartridges with print heads

These can be removed from the printer and cleaned using a lint free cloth and the cleaning solution. Simply pour some solution onto the cloth and wipe gently on the print head several times, you can press the cloth gently to push the cleaner into the print head which may help to dissolve the ink. In more severe cases you can put a small amount of the cleaner solution in a saucer and make sure it is only enough to just cover the print head and no more. Leave over night and then remove in the morning and dry the cartridge. Reinstall and perform a print head clean with the printer software. Commence printing as normal to check. Repeat until optimal printing returns.

Inkjet cartridges without a print head

If you are using printer cartridges that don’t have a print head on them, the print head will be located in the actual printer, this makes the cleaning process a little more awkward.

You would firstly need to remove the ink cartridges and lay a piece of absorbent kitchen paper under the ink cartridge cradle to catch the ink and cleaner. After you have done this you would attach tube to the nozzle that the ink cartridge would fit (usually a nozzle is visible on the cartridge holder) you would then use the syringe filled with the cleaner and attach to the other end of the tube then gently push the cleaning solution through to force the dried ink out. You would then need to wait for the print head to become fully dry before reinserting the ink cartridges and performing test prints.


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