GO Inkjet Black Ink Refill Kit with Cleaner for Canon



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11 in stock


Refill your Canon Ink Cartridges

Our GO Inkjet brand of refill kits have all you need to simply replenish the ink in your empty Canon inkjet cartridges.

When you find that the ink has run out in your printer, instead of buying new printer ink you can just refill the existing cartridge using these ink refill kits. All you need to use is in the kits including ink, syringe, tools to fill or top up your cartridge and keep you printing.

Why should I refill my Ink Cartridges?

There are a couple of reasons for refilling, the main one people choose to refill rather than purchasing a new Canon cartridge is the cost aspect of buying new printer inks. Using a refill kit can cost a lot less and also give you many refills comparing to replacing cartridges time and time again as long as the cartridge print head stays in good condition. Secondly the environmental impact of throwing away empty ink cartridges creates landfil which will in turn take thousands of years to break down. So refilling your Canon printer cartridge will help to reduce this happening over the years.

So what is included in the Go Inkjet black ink refill kit?

3 x 28ml bottles of black dye ink
1 x 28ml bottle of print head cleaner
1 x Syringe
1 x Needle
1 x Bag of plugs
2 x Drill bits

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