GO Inkjet Black Ink Cartridge Refill Kit for Epson



50 in stock

50 in stock


Black ink cartridge refill kit for Epson ink cartridges by GO Inkjet is ideal for refilling your empty black cartridge. Using these GO-BIR4 ink refill kits to replenish the ink in your empty inkjet cartridge is a great way to save money on your printing costs. Not only will it help keep money in your pocket. you will also be saving the environment from empty Epson inkjet cartridges being thrown away.

This ink refill kit is the same as the GO-BIR refill kit apart from there isnt a print head cleaner in this kit.

Please note you may need to use a chip resetter when refilling epson ink cartridges. This must be done before the ink level drops below 50%.
So what is included in the Go Inkjet black ink refill kit?
4 x 28ml bottles of black ink
1 x Syringe
1 x Needle
1 x Bag of plugs
2 x Drill bits

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