A2 Photo Paper

Make a great impression with our range of A2 photo paper now available on our website. this large inkjet photo paper is suitable for creating posters and large signage for work or business use. So if you are looking for suitable paper that is high quality and cost effective, then our range of A2 photographic paper is just what you need. If you have an A2 inkjet printer or a large format inkjet printer you have a great deal of creative possibilities from signs and artwork or simply printing off large A2 size photo sheets.

At GO Inkjet we know that quality is paramount when it comes to choosing the best premium photo paper to print photos in large format such as A2 as every detail will be easier to see compared to printing in smaller media photo paper. We have 180gsm, 230gsm and 260gsm currently available in A2 inkjet photo paper. Please also ensure that you have the correct gsm thickness for your A2 inkjet printer so it will handle the paper effectively and smoothly.

Our A2 glossy photo paper isn’t just suitable for business use you can also use it on your home printer as long as it has the capability to take A2 inkjet paper. So now if you want to print some extremely large A2 prints at home for your party or just a bit of fun now you can. Please keep looking on our website for more of our range of A2 photo paper all suitable for inkjet printers. Happy printing!

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