Sublimation Paper

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Sublimation Paper at its Best

Choose GO Inkjet for the best sublimation transfer paper. Compatible for use with Ricoh, Epson and Sawgrass dye sublimation printers. Professionally manufactured to high standards, there is only one choice of brand when it comes to your sublimation sheets.

Go Creative with Dye Sublimation Sheets

Create outstanding products and gifts with vibrant colours recreated on to your sublimation blanks. Suitable for use in combination with your dye sub printer, heat press and mug press. You will always get premium quality dye sub prints with these sheets.

Heat Transfer Paper

GO Inkjet heat transfer sublimation paper can be cut down to size. You can use these sheets for many different size sub blanks such as sublimation paper for mugs. The benefits are that you will not be limited to the size of the mug you need to print on to which will give you even better value for money.

International Delivery on all our Paper for Sublimation

Our transfer paper is readily available for dispatch so if you are wondering where you can buy sublimation paper near me, then fear not. We will always aim to send your orders out as quickly as possible from our UK distribution centre. Shipment is available throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide giving us the power to supply Internationally.

Information for Sublimation Process

If you need more information and guides on how the sublimation process works then please feel free to contact us.

Dye sublimation is only for use with specific printers and ink cartridge configurations that use dye sublimation ink. You cannot use standard inkjet printers for sublimation.