We have all been there, when after a few weeks you come to use your inkjet printer for that all important document you need and oh no! Yes you press print and you are faced with a lovely piece of paper that looks like an ancient manuscript.

Well fear not there is a solution to your unsightly piece of paper. Poor printing is quite possibly down to either no ink left in your cartridges, or a blocked print head.

How do print heads become blocked

Well simply this is due to dried ink blocking the tiny holes on the print head. These holes are so small you can hardly see the holes unless you are using a magnify glass. So as you can imagine, if there is dried ink about this will cause some serious print issues.

How do I clean my print head

Using your print head cleaning function on your printer is a first step. One which will be successful if you have got a slight blockage. In more serious cases (and after several attempts with your printer maintenance option) you will need to get stuck in to clean the blocked print head. Using print head cleaning fluid kits is the last resort to clear your tiny nozzles on your cartridge, these are available on GO inkjet to buy and instructions on how to use these are also available for you.

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