Is it a good idea to refill HP Ink Cartridges

Choosing to refill HP ink cartridges rather than purchasing new ones can offer a variety of benefits, ranging from economic to environmental. This approach has gained popularity among individuals and businesses alike who are looking to reduce costs and minimize their environmental impact. In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons why refilling HP ink cartridges […]

The History of Photo Paper

All you need to know on how Photograhic Paper was Created Photo paper has been used since the early days of photography and has undergone significant developments in terms of consistency and light sensitivity over time. It became popularized through the negative-positive photographic processes, as introduced by William Fox Talbot in 1841. In the 19th […]

Photo Paper vs. Printer Paper: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to printing, not all paper is created equal. Photo paper and printer paper have distinct differences that can affect the quality and appearance of your prints. Understanding these differences can help you choose the right paper for your specific printing needs. In this article, we will explore the distinctions between photo paper […]

Ink Refill Kits Guide

Ink Cartridge Refill Kits: A Comprehensive Guide for First-Time Users If you’re a first-time user of ink cartridge refill kits, you may be wondering where to start. The world of printer ink can be confusing, with so many options and varieties available. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you navigate the […]

Enhance Your Photography With Our Premium Photo Printing Paper

Whether you’re a fledgling photographer or you’re an experienced professional, you want all your photographs to look as good as possible. From the moment of taking the photo to when you print it off at home, you want to keep the beauty that you captured in that initial photograph. Go Inkjet can help you to print […]

Poor Printing results could mean a blocked print head

We have all been there, when after a few weeks you come to use your inkjet printer for that all important document you need and oh no! Yes you press print and you are faced with a lovely piece of paper that looks like an ancient manuscript. Well fear not there is a solution to […]

Refilling ink cartridges

Refilling ink cartridges When it comes to the choice between buying a new ink cartridge or refilling your existing cartridge, there are several questions you may be asking yourself. One of the main reasons to choose if you should really need to refill your ink cartridge using an ink refill kit. Do I really need […]

Refilling HP Ink Cartridges

Refilling HP ink cartridges an alternative to buying new inks If you are using a HP inkjet printer, there will be no doubt you know the costs involved when purchasing a new ink cartridge. Buying a branded OEM HP ink for your printer will typically set you back anything from £15 upwards for a typical […]