About Us


Go Inkjet was born in 2014 in Bolton, Lancashire we then moved to larger premises in Standish, Wigan in 2015. 

In late 2022 we moved our distribution to a warehouse in the North East of England where the majority of our orders are sent along with our North West warehouse in Wigan, Lancashire. Due to the majority of our orders being online we have focused more on creating a more efficient delivery service to ensure we have one of the most efficient delivery services possible.

Our aim is to offer great prices and quality printing supplies for business, home users and reseller. We believe that supplying quality ink refilling supplies, accessories and photo paper combined with a great service and low prices we will ensure you come back to us time and time again as many of our customers do now.

Over the years we have seen more growth in our online sales, we have now embraced the shift in the sales trends and now operate from our distribution centre in the North East of England. Our head office is based in Wigan Lancashire, handling all our sales and customer enquiries.

As a small but ambitious brand, we know how hard it is to compete in the world of ink cartridge supplies and photographic paper. This hasn’t stopped us from trying as we believe there is room for much more improvement in comparison to other manufacturers. As we are a smaller company in relation to the larger brands, we keep customer service a priority. To us you are a customer and not a number and a name, we understand the needs in the printing industry no matter if you are a buying for home use or business use. We value and appreciate every sale that we get as we know that for every sale that is made, you are helping to grow our business and brand awareness.