Why You Should Be Buying Sublimation Supplies Online For Your Printing

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When running a fast paced printing business, it’s essential to get the best printing results in as little time as possible. One way you can get quality printing results is using sublimation printing, which involves the process of turning the printer ink into a gas and permeating the paper with it, which can then be transferred to a fabric or other material.

This printing method offers a range of benefits over other printing methods, such as reduced ink waste and faster ink drying. This can be beneficial to businesses that mass print as it can reduce your costs and save on time.

At Go Inkjet, we have a huge selection of sublimation supplies for you to use with your heat press machine. Able to be used for transferring to mugs and T-shirts, our sublimation paper can help you to do all your printing projects without exceeding the budget.

Stock up on all of your essential sublimation supplies

If your business is in need of quality sublimation paper, Go Inkjet has everything you need. Whether you need 10 or 100 sheets, we can supply you with the amount of paper to meet your needs. This paper offers amazing results when printing on to light coloured fabrics and hard materials.

Sublimation printing even offers the benefit of reduced ghosting, due to the specially engineered adhesive used in the paper. The paper can also bring out the colour more effectively, ensuring you get the best results possible.

Get excellent printing results at competitive prices when you use Go Inkjet.